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Endorphin pop, unleashed electro hymns, music for dreamers & awakeners.

Endorphin pop, unleashed electro hymns, music for dreamers & awakeners.

Escaping the maze of presumed necessity, taking a single step across the balustrade, where concrete fails to force its way underneath your feet: spread your arms, bounce up and down and feel that honesty in the pit of your stomach. With androgynous vocal color, stroboscopic beats and courage to make a grand gesture, Marius and Nico merge in their songs the leap into the unknown with the confidence to be carried by the updraft.

And for a long time it was uncertain where the journey would lead. Growing up in the Hessian Odenwald, Marius and Nicolas have been making music since they were 11 years old. After graduating from high school, they studied economics together in Frankfurt am Main and quickly pulled the strings of Frankfurt’s musical cultural landscape. The two boys from EKARUZ have been behind the scenes of large and small concerts more than once. Whether as organizers of Sofar Sounds concerts, as partners of large established promoters or as tour managers of the artist Shantel. At the same time, the feeling of belonging on stage oneself and convincing the world of one’s own talent is getting stronger and stronger. But whoever wants to get on stage must have something to tell. That’s why they go to London and Kuwait while they are still studying. They also travel to Mumbai and Manila. They continue to work together on their own songs despite the great distances during this time. Back in Germany, Marius and Nicolas‘ home country cannot last very long and the collaboration with Odd Martin prompts EKARUZ to fly to Norway to record their first single Wild Horses. With this step EKARUZ could finally spread their wings musically and were ready to take off. After performing in metropolises such as New York, Boston or Paris, the two musicians moved to Berlin in 2019 to work on their debut album „Endo Odyssey“, which will be released in January 2021.

Two people who became friends in a time when the sound of freedom was a school bell

ringing built each other wings of creativity. Their pieces: solar-powered. Their sound: the inhale before the heartbeat, like reentering the earth’s atmosphere, freediving— stepping on a stage for the first time.


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