From the security of home, over dizzying bridges, along the narrowest paths and most mysterious routes in search of the most abstract goal of all – happiness.

ENDO ODYSSEY is an album about the search for meaning, the search for truthfulness and happiness, for meaning in life – indeed, in the end, for oneself. It goes without saying that this story is inevitably about one’s own feelings, but is not detached from external influences, just like the fact that this journey has just begun. Marius and Nico from EKARUZ surprise at the beginning of the year with 9 tracks full of pathos, energy and an exciting hybrid sound of electronic and acoustic sounds. Both musicians see themselves as interpreters and diplomats between the abstract feelings in search of meaning and the listener, who will hopefully be inspired by the powerful music and the emotionally charged words of EKARUZ. Despite all dangers and risks, the confidence prevails that it is worth spreading one’s wings, daring to step over the abyss, to fly off and begin the journey.